Joyce Carpati with glasses by Karen Walker. Photo by Ari Seth Cohen for Advanced Style.

Aging and loss of beauty - these topics have always excited women and caused questions, despair and much concern for them. But there are women who are not afraid to grow old because they know how to grow old with beauty.


Joyce Carpati is one of them. From opera singer, spouse and mother to marketing manager at Cosmopolitan, for her 82 years, she seems to have been able to discover the secrets of a happy transition from one age to another without emotional and physical distress. And her appearance seems to tell us: - A person looks old only if he relaxes and leaves the vanity behind.


Her attraction to fashion dates back to 16 when she went to study singing in Milan, Italy - the "Mecca" of opera singing. The year is 1949 and Italy is still recovering from the war. However, this does not prevent women from looking great in their stylish attire. Carpathians shares: "People had nothing in Italy - nothing! But when women go out, they dress like no woman in America can. "

Advanced Style

When he returned to New York, everyone was surprised by the singer's new vision. She took the best of Italian style to make it her own. Joyce spends 27 years at Cosmopolitan, where she dedicates herself entirely to fashion and beauty. In 2012 she was featured in Ari Seth Cohen's book "Advanced style".


Despite the conventional interplay between fashion and makeup, the Carpathian Mountains is not a fan of heavy saturated makeup. "This is getting older and at a certain age a woman has to be careful about how much makeup she puts on!" She advises, adding: Botox and lifting can have a significant effect in rejuvenation, but they take on character and personality. I think we need to be who we are, what we want to be. But most importantly, we must preserve our natural appearance and behavior! "

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