Real actors do not form over time, they are born with talent. Proof of Deyan Donkov's high artistic endeavors is the ease with which he recreates images that are radically different from one another. Whether you look at him as a cop, a military, a teacher, a vampire or a hopeless romantic, with every incarnation he leaves the audience enchanted.

Common profile

In 2014 Deyan Donkov celebrates 40 anniversary. Whether he is a man of art and carries a young soul, his age does not seem so much. People from the surrounding area define it as pure-hearted, broad-minded, sometimes eccentric and a little laid back, which seems to be a typical feature of artistic natures. Donkov is a devoted lover of smoking and a relentless opponent of pop-folk culture in all its forms. The actor who inspires him the most is Sean Penn.

Curriculum vitae

Deyan Donkov Nikolov was born on August 27 in Vidin. His father is a lawyer by profession and his mother is a forensic doctor. The person who strongly influences the decision to take the acting profession is his sister. Seeing his unusual talents as a young man, she manages to persuade him to apply to the National Academy of Sciences and Arts in the hope of learning and developing in this direction. In 1974 Deyan graduated from Krustyo Sarafov National Academy of Music in the class of Prof. Encho Halachev and Snezhina Tankovska. Two years later he received a master's degree in acting under Professor Krikor Azarian.

Career and professional growth in theater

After graduating, Deyan Donkov appeared as a freelance actor. He made his debut on the small screen with the role of a bartender in the series "Danube Bridge" by director Ivan Andonov, which was defined as scandalous for its time. His first serious role was in the feature film The Mirror of the Devil, directed by Dimitar Petkov, where he played a policeman. The performance is recognized as extremely successful and opens the way for future participation in Bulgarian and foreign productions. In 1998, the actor made his theatrical debut with the production of Chekhov's "Three Sisters", performed at the Sofia Theater, where he played Solonius. After a series of successful performances on the stage of the Bulgarian Army Theater, in 2003 Deyan joined the troupe of the Ivan Vazov National Theater. During this period, he chose to focus mainly on theatrical performances. Positive feedback is not late. As early as 1999, he received the prestigious Askeer Award in the Rising Star category for his role as Valmont in director Desislava Shpatova's Dangerous Relationships. His long-term work on the stage greatly contributes to the development of his creative potential. During his time as a part of the Bulgarian Army Theater, Sofia Theater, Tear and Laughter Theater, Vazrazhdane Theater, Deyan Donkov has the opportunity to incarnate in various contradictory images, arousing both astonishment and admiration. . The most famous are his roles in the productions: "Vain Efforts of Love" by Shakespeare, "Love in Madagascar", "Three Sisters", "Flight of the Cuckoo's Nest", "Don Juan", "Hashes", "King Lear" "," House of Broken Hearts "," Othello "," Cherry Orchard "," Dracula's Diary "," Brothers Karamazov "," Stella "- by Goethe," Month of the Village "- by Turgenev," Fear of fleas " "," Troilus and Cressida ".

production by Don Juan

Production by Don Juan

Movie roles

Although Donkov's number of theatrical roles far exceeds that of the film, this does not mean that his film career is stagnant. On the contrary, Deyan Donkov is an active actor and his work in feature films is just beginning to pick up speed. Fans of Bulgarian cinema and television productions had the pleasure to tap into the talent of the attractive actor thanks to several small but particularly significant performances. Deyan Donkov played the corrupt policeman Vassil Nikolov in the first season of the hit series Undercover, considered the most successful screen production in Bulgaria so far. If by then his talent was mostly known to theater lovers, after "Undercover", the actor manages to win a surprisingly large number of fans, which is still growing today. Undoubtedly, his case proves once again that the success of an actor is a function of attractive vision and enduring talent. During 2010, Donkov became an interesting and dramatic character in the movie "Steps in the Sand", which was received very positively by the Bulgarian audience, and also won prestigious awards at several international film festivals.

The name of the actor is present in most of the contemporary Bulgarian films that have been released in recent years. He receives rave reviews and praise for his roles in "If Anyone Loves You," "Another Dream," "Gun, Trunk, and Three Stinky Barrels," "Chameleon Color," "I Am You," "The Petrov File." . In 2009, the television series Hashove was aired, where he became the famous Vaz hero - Popcheto. His most significant roles are in the films "Emigrants", "Stolen Eyes", "Hindemith", "Ashes". In 2012, Deyan played the lead role of investigative journalist Philip Yanev in the political thriller The Fourth Power. Subsequently, the series has many nominations and honors from various international film festivals, including an award in the Feature Films category of the European Prix CIRCOM - 2014 Competition and an Emmy Award nomination in the Drama category. During 2014, the series was also included in the French CMF Festival.


The talent showcased in various theatrical images has given Deyan Donkov four Askeer awards and two Icarus awards. The actor also received a Golden Rose Award for his role in the movie "Emigrants".

Personal life

Donkov's artistic nature makes him particularly attractive to women. For the Bulgarian public space are not a secret part of his relationship with famous and beautiful young ladies. Actress Anastasia Ingilizova (Eudocia of the Tree of Life), whom she met as a student at NATFIZ, stands out as a particularly significant figure in his life, largely because she is the mother of his son, Deyan, Jr.. Today, the two have had wonderful friendships. Donkov has a seven-year relationship and is nine years younger than actress Sanya Borisova, who today is happily married to director and actor Niki Iliev. Since 2011, the Undercover star has been romantically involved with her colleague Radina Kardzhilova, who is well-known to the Bulgarian audience for her portrayal of Siana from Glass House and Becky from the movie Tilt, as well as her participation in iconic theatrical productions. " Romeo and Juliet, "The Lonely West," The Fuzzies, The Decameron, The Glass Menagerie, and more.


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