"Because I was drinking myself here and there,

like a stone weighed on me,

but I finally remembered myself "-

I sowed two wrinkles and ten more.


So far I've planted my fly, "planted" all kinds of deciduous types of drawing (I've designed street landscaping), but never - a tree with these two hands! I am glad to say that a few days ago I was a volunteer in a forestry action in the area of ​​the village of Ponor (municipality Kostinbrod), which made my dream come true. We planted black pine seedlings. "I'm different now, though the same" - I sowed two wrinkles and ten more.

And you want to plant a tree? You have a moment to choose. As one Chinese saying goes, "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, and the next best time is now." To those who will bet on the "now," I kindly provide some advice in the spirit of our saying "Three times, one time."

A week earlier

  • Choose your campaign and day.
  • Read all the instructions the organization provides.
  • Study in advance the technology of planting - on the spot you may not receive satisfactory instruction.
  • Learn more about the following terms: Kolesov's Sword, sapling, root collar, green fertilizing, mulching.


One day earlier

  • Put water in the backpack for you. If possible, carry water for the saplings to be planted. Do you think it is too much? Organizers will surely anticipate. That's right, but it happens to end and you have to wait (because of moving it from somewhere else). During this time, the roots dry up. Water is the most important thing after your personal presence.
  • Provide more food. Below it will be clear why.
  • Provide personal gloves, even if it says there will be one.
  • Wear an envelope - for waste, for sitting, for dirty things ...
  • Cut your nails. You don't have to break them on the pitch, and "Every work in this world taints a person with his color.


On the day X

  • Do not use perfume or fragrant body lotions. Bees and insects are good to stay away from you.
  • Dress them like "cabbage" (layered and comfortable). Alternate with a sunblock, goggles and a sun hat. Horseshoes with boots.
  • Get together early or on the spot with another volunteer. When one holds the seedling upright and at the right height, the other has two hands free to use to qualitatively add and thicken the soil to layers.
  • If you return the grass removed to the planting nest, it should rotate with the roots up. This is how you do green fertilization. Otherwise, you are creating competition for the young tree's water.
  • When you feel you have flown well, pour more.
  • Don't think about the number. Plant only one tree, but by all rules.
  • Take a rest. Respect yourself and do not overwork. It is advisable to detach slightly from the woodland, preferably in the shade.
  • Eat quietly. Draw on your neighbor. Waste - in a bag and in a backpack.
  • Lift your head and look closely at where your trees will grow.

The success of your efforts will depend to a large extent on your preliminary preparation. Afforestation should be taken seriously and responsibly. People have been mobilized, resources have been invested, good results are expected - trapped trees. It turns out (even for me) that it's not easy to land successfully. There are many subtleties that are good to learn. The caption shows that the root of the seedling is bare, it must be covered with soil.

You can still catch the spring wave, if not, you will be one breast forward for the fall activities. Follow the sites and social networks of the "When we become 100 000, we will plant a forest"Of the"EcoCommunity" WWF and other non-governmental organizations.

Finally, I congratulate you with the song "Inheritance"Of Diana Express, whose text sneaks in here and there.


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