Too often it happens that Bulgaria "forgets" about its talents soon after they have left. It is even more common for talents to be kept in the back rows or not given a chance to step on the stage, and when they spread Bulgaria's glory they will not be noticed - as if they did not exist. Our country has never managed to rank among the leading in ballet, but that does not mean that there were no talented dancers. On the contrary, there have been and there are, simply, no educators to create and make them great, as well as funds, scholarships to give them a basis for development abroad. That's right, too little has always been done about art in Bulgaria, but that's another topic.


Talent is born in the most unexpected places, just like a wild field flower. Thus, on December 1 1948, Geneva was born Eva Evdokimova - daughter of a Bulgarian (journalist) and an American (UN employee), she combines all the best that can be found in nature. A gentle face, a fragile figure, the efficacy of the movements, the eyes - looked from somewhere beyond. When one looks at her, one feels that her body is fleshless, so lightly danced, so graceful that her dance enchants. She was accidentally honored with the highest rank in the world - "Prima ballerina assoluta".


He first received his ballet education from the National Bavarian Opera, later enrolled at the Royal Ballet School in London, where he took concurrently with ballet and piano and clarinet lessons. In 1966, only at 18 years, she became a soloist of the Royal Danish Ballet and the first to sign a contract with him, without a Danish origin. Three years later, he moved to the Deutche Oper, which was under the direction of Kenneth McMillan at the time (his ballets were leading the repertoire of the Royal Ballet today). She is the first American ballet dancer to win a gold medal at the International Ballet Competition in Varna - 1970 year, and the first (again an American ballet dancer) invited to dance in the ballet at the Kirov Theater (today the Mariinsky Theater - St. Petersburg).

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A year later (1971) she danced her first Giselle in Berlin (Deutche Oper), where she was offered a solo contract and for 12 years her face adorned this great theater. After concluding her contract, she often visited the Deutche Oper as a soloist, where she was highly regarded. Eva is a leading ballerina at the National English Ballet, where Rudolf Nureyev chose her for the role of Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty". She became his favorite partner for the rest of his life. The two dance together in almost all major theaters around the world. Her glamorous career, unsullied by nothing, includes over 120 roles (something unsurpassed to this day) - Giselle, Sylphide, Odette / Odilia, Kitty, Aurora, Esmeralda, Raymond, Cinderella (She does not play her characters, she is every one of them, lives with them and is embodied exclusively.


Everyone remembers her as tall, radiant, good and very talented. Her smile never goes off her face, she has fun even during exericism, a mandatory and little or very routine part of every ballerina's work. And her smile radiates such childlike purity and innocence as in the male version only Alexander Godunov possesses - another greatness in ballet and another of her partners. Of all the roles Eve plays, Giselle fits her most.


To this day, the world has not seen Giselle better than hers. And worldwide criticism acknowledges that Eve was created for Giselle, as if the ballet was written for her. No ballerina has that naive childish show, that tenderness and that doom in her eyes that is necessary for a true Giselle. And with a partner like Godunov in the role of Prince Albert, with his extraordinary height (1.90 cm) and the face of God, real magic happens on stage, which unfortunately cannot be repeated.


At the end of her ballet career, when she was 41, Deutche Oper made a gala evening about 20's annual collaboration with Eve. She plays variations of her most iconic roles, and finally the audience applauds for 30 minutes, just as many times as she calls her to the curtain.


And if you're looking for a recipe for her ballet excellence, here she is. "Dancers need to learn from all forms of art, from literature, from history - everything that will help them develop as artists!", Says Evdokimova. "Most dancers focus on technique, but they really need to delve under the surface!" Eve managed to penetrate beyond, realizing that not only the perfect technique makes dance art, but the sensations and pictures that flow through the dancer as she dances.

When she leaves the stage, Eve becomes a ballet teacher at the Boston Ballet and passes her experience on to future generations of young ballerinas. He has participated as a jury in numerous ballet competitions. Giving her so much, but failing to save her from any forgiving cancer, God takes her home when she is only 60 years old. She died in Manhattan, New York, on 3 April 2009.

In the US, in England, in Europe - everywhere they remember the memory of this extraordinary ballerina who worked without complaining and dancing, as if she was connecting with something beyond this world. Only we, although we have good reason to be proud, have forgotten this name. And perhaps if we did more for our artists and honored them as they deserve, they would also have achieved such a glorious world of careers and made us weep for the joy of being there. Hope this is coming!

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