Have a figure like an 20-year-old girl, know which clothes fit you best, and smile confidently as if age did not exist. This seems like an unattainable goal, and for that reason, rarely does anyone set it. Fortunately, there are women who do not step in, do not follow the established stereotypes, and do not let the dark thoughts of old age overwhelm them.

That's exactly what Linda V Wright is, who turns 70 this year, and it seems like the weather doesn't interest her. Linda was born in Texas, but as early as the 1978 year, Paris grabbed her heart and she remains to live there. In the fashion city, she opens a small boutique called Crimson, where she mainly sells cashmere clothes - her favorite item. Linda is constantly uploading her Instagram photos (@lindavwright) and fashion tips to her blog (http://www.lindavwright.com), gained from her personal experience. A former model, she has become a fashion icon for women over 50 years.
One of her keys to "eternal youth" is that she never wears makeup. A lip balm, according to her, is quite sufficient to make her feel and look fresh. And another very important thing - for her, a beautiful garment is one in which she feels comfortable and free to be herself.


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