One must always pursue his dreams, regardless of age. It's just a number. Especially when you are already at the end of your life and then you just want to rest. Because, as you will see in the next lines, biological and emotional life do not always go hand in hand. It is never too late to start something new and exciting in your life.

The clock was marking 10 hours on Tuesday, and among a class of 7 "stretching" ballet dancers, one man drew his attention to a hall in Southern Rio. This is 80-year-old Helio House, who is perhaps the world's oldest ballet dancer. Despite his serious age, the man already attends 5 years of ballet lessons, 5 times a week. Under the expert guidance of Professor Camile Salles, of the La Gloria Ballet Academy, south of Rio de Janeiro, Helio makes fine movements with his feet and tries to learn the intricacies of ballet art.

His decision to enroll in ballet has been dictated by his life path. He always loved to do gymnastics. And now she is a dancer at international ballet companies performing at the State Theater in Rio. It makes him feel alive and active. Helio achieves, though late, what he wants and what makes him happy. He once worked as a towel seller in West Rio, directly on the street, without permission from the municipality. After retirement, he spent all his savings on dance lessons. It was important for him, after his retirement, to maintain his health despite his poor eating habits. He did not want to be locked up in an office because it was a disease and a punishment for him.

Professor Camile Salles was fascinated by the diligence that her student put in and posted on social media his pictures. In this way, she wanted to show that it was never too late, even for an adult to start something new. He was talented and put heart and soul into dancing. The photo immediately circumnavigated social networks, with 48 thousands likes and 8 thousands sharing in 3,2 hours. Just a week later, the numbers increased dramatically, and the text was even shared in Spanish.
Helio's photo also showed the beautiful side of life, which led to an increase in those wishing to enroll in a ballet masterclass during the week, because ballet is both a freedom and a pursuit of harmony and perfect movement.

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