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This sounds really bold to a person born and raised in the city, accustomed to the comfort of an apartment, with provided heating, transportation and proximity to day-to-day grocery stores, medical care, etc. But at the same time quite attractive. The rural way of life is completely alien to many generations and it is probably impossible for the "civilized" world to break away from its "natural" environment and move it to a village where for every bite or sip of water one has to make much more effort. And every day.


But this lifestyle has many benefits and is hundreds of times healthier than living in the city. The first thing that impresses a person when he or she leaves the metropolis is silence. There is no noise from cars, factories, machines - only the wind, the birds are heard and crickets and owls in the evening. One million stars can be seen in the sky, breathing is free, the lungs are filled with oxygen, which we are so lacking, without realizing. The dream is short but really fulfilling. The thought is clarified, and energy invades the muscles, and one cannot act.


These and many other things are discovered by photographer Jonna Jinton as she leaves her hometown of Gothenburg in 2010 to live a whole new life in a small village called Grunchan, in northern Sweden. Only 10 residents are left in it and the place looks almost pristine. The distant roots that connect her to Grunchan create a sense of return to her home, though she has never lived in these lands. Her childhood memories relate to the village and she can still see in her mind how her grandparents sit on the veranda in front of the old house.


Jonah's adventure is terribly risky - it starts from scratch, with no money, no job, no plan. But her whole being needs freedom, silence, nature, and she is committed to making the place truly her home. In the north, however, the winters are very harsh and long, and there is no heating. Jonah is cutting firewood by himself, the work on the house never ends, and the money matters keep her thinking. But she does not give up.


The beauty of this place fascinates her, and she begins with even greater passion to do what she loves most - photography. Her camera captures incredible views and captures nature in its wildest, most natural state. And since loneliness is so difficult to endure so many miles from the city, all the footage falls on social networks - Instagram и YouTube, where thousands of followers are inspired. It is here that nature and civilization meet to prove that they can coexist without interfering. Jonah proves that today a person can work virtually anywhere in the world and you do not need to get involved with a specific city and a particular institution to sustain yourself.


Jonah begins to lead his own blog, in which he shares his experiences of this new and challenging corner, photos, videos. She finds the pleasure of expressing herself through words. Nature unlocks in her an unprecedented force and impulse to create and to inspire other people in the world to move, create, surpass fears. Torn away from society and the confines within which she puts her daily routine, Jonah has the ability to create at any time of the day without stopping her.

She is free to walk for miles through the forests and fields, to swim in the lake, even in winter when it is frozen, to paint, to compose music - BE IT! Nature graces her generously by enhancing her immunity and vitality. Thanks to these activities, among other things, she successfully builds her online business and reaches hundreds of people every week. And in all this, she is accompanied by her loyal dog, who becomes her best friend.


Fate gathers Jonah with John, who by any chance bears a similar name and also finds his place in the wild. John deals with jewelry, creates his own brand, and sells his beautiful silver creations online, so he doesn't have to leave the village. They raise cows and fit in well with Grunchan's life, even with their current professions.


Jonah's photos and videos are exceptional. They transport us to a fairytale world that our imagination cannot even imagine. And the music and the words that accompany them create a sense of true poetry. Jonah often sings old songs that bring her back to past times and dead ancestors. She also remembers the so-called kulning, an ancient Scandinavian music used to collect pastures from grazing cows. When sung and blended with the crystal air, the song flies away and sounds really magical.

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Living in nature teaches a lot - most of all, to enjoy the little things: To appreciate the sun, which is so scarce in winter, the friendship with animals, the few loved ones, and to appreciate the food that the earth gives us. How important it is to keep this land clean because by destroying it, we are destroying ourselves! Nature energizes us and helps us reinvent ourselves, understand that we ourselves are setting limits to our options, choosing how to live ourselves, causing ourselves stress, and often making choices that not us but society requires. It is no accident that so many young people, already in our country, decide to leave the city and settle down in the countryside.


It may be time to realize that the right way is nature and its preservation, not the factories and metropolitan areas that are away from us! And not the village has to scare, but the city with its dirty air, full of "bad energy" subway, with millions of cars and no place to be left alone and hear your thoughts.

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