The "Forest.BG"Set out to collect at least 100 000 acorns and chestnuts this fall, with the goal of growing them as saplings and afforestation in and around cities across the country. To achieve this, the initiative invites lovers of the beautiful Bulgarian nature to get involved in collecting acorns and chestnuts.


All harvested acorns and chestnuts will be turned into trees. Some of them will find their nearly 12 children in 000 schools, who will also receive kits, a pot, soil, seeds and everything necessary to grow a tree. Others will be sown directly in burned and needy places to become forests. Third will be sown in nurseries of "Gorata.BG" to sprout healthy and strong saplings. Care will be taken to comply with the laws and good practices so that the saplings are of good quality, healthy and strong. When they are ready for planting, the young trees will go for afforestation - to schools and kindergartens, city parks, volunteer afforestation groups and more. Here is a little more information about the way in which Bulgaria will be afforested.


Why oaks and chestnuts, exactly? 


The oak is one of the finest species of trees, traditional to our latitudes. These majestic trees grow slowly, their shade is light and beautiful, they live for several centuries. Horse chestnuts are among the most appropriate trees for our cities - with their large crowns that make a nice shade, they reduce the warming of the urban environment (the so-called "heat island effect"), and their large leaf mass purifies the air a lot good. 

Why are they gathering?


In the coming weeks, by early November, nature will "load" hundreds of thousands of future oaks and chestnuts into the ground. However, only a few will be able to win the difficult battle of becoming a tree. Most will lose their lives - they will be trampled in the early days, trimmed and mowed, or at best beaten by bigger and stronger plants.


With the care of Forest.BG and thousands of children from Bulgaria, almost every acorn and chestnut will be able to germinate and develop undisturbed, under the best conditions, to become a large, viable and sustainable sapling. The saplings will then be planted to become majestic trees in an appropriate urban and forest environment.


When and where do they gather?


Anyone can collect acorns and chestnuts, alone or with friends, from anywhere they are - and hand them over to Forest.BG.


Workers can get together with their colleagues and collect acorns and chestnuts at the offices of the companies and organizations where they work and also transfer them. And for all students, a surprise and rewards campaign will be launched soon - for the good that they will do. Temporary transfer points will also be opened for the collection of acorns. Their locations will be announced in a timely manner on the campaign's Facebook page. 


"When we become 100 we will plant a forest", also known as "Forest.BG", is an initiative that aims to plant new forests and trees for Bulgaria, with the participation of as many children and young people as possible. Until more than 369 new trees have been planted across the country - with the support of hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of volunteers. 




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