102 trees were planted in over 70 municipalities across Bulgaria this spring, through the initiative ("Gorata.bg") (www.gorata.bg). With this, the trees planted by the initiative became 903, and the goal of 000 million new trees will be achieved this fall, promise the largest volunteer organization in Bulgaria, which plants forests and trees.


The initiative has been planting a future and doing good for 8 years, but this year is different. For the first time, no mass volunteer event is taking place, because just when events are about to start, the state of emergency and the threat of a viral pandemic come. However, they did not give up the initiative and found a way to continue planting trees.


"When the intentions are good, the desire is strong, there is always a way and the whole universe helps you! - says Nikola Rakhnev, creator of the initiative. "You can't stop the forest from leafing through!" And you can't stop the good from developing! ”He added with a smile.

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The organization sends a letter offering all 268 municipalities in Bulgaria to receive free of charge trees of over 12 tree species - lindens, maples, oaks, chestnuts, cedars, spruce and others. To the delight of the organizers, more than 80 municipalities are joining, with most planting thousands of trees now, this spring, while others choose to receive them in the fall, in anticipation of a calmer atmosphere.

"This is the third edition of our campaign, which supports municipalities and thousands of settlements in them. We have already donated nearly 300 trees to be planted where there is the greatest need - in and near settlements. It is wonderful that together we can make the world we live in better, greener, cleaner and more beautiful. "- shared by" Gorata.bg ". More editions have been included in previous editions, but the organizers are happy that in view of the complex situation this spring, the municipalities share their dreams for a better world. They thank those who took part, as well as the MAFW and many forestries for their support.


Gorata.bg donates trees to schools, kindergartens, churches, hospitals, homes and more. In their emblematic campaigns, in support of bees and beekeepers, in which they donated more than 250 honey trees, this fall they include 000 fruit trees - apples, cherries, quinces, junks and others. And one of their best initiatives is growing at the moment - most of the kits donated last fall to 60 Bulgarian children are now beautiful young trees full of dreams, just like the initiative "Forest.bg".


A few days later, Gorata.bg launched a large-scale campaign "Health is in our hands". The goal is to prevent Covid-19 by donating tens of thousands of liters of liquid soap, disinfectants and hundreds of thousands of gloves to needy institutions and individuals, as well as through an information campaign and example from many people and celebrities.


"The forest.bg" is an initiative by and for the people, which aims to plant new forests and trees for Bulgaria. To make the environment we live in more beautiful and greener, as well as to inspire and transform people for the better, especially children and young people. To do every other good and meaningful deed that can be done, pure, selfless and for the good of people and nature.


Gorata.bg has won numerous awards over the years, and Nikola Rakhnev as its creator was chosen as "Awakener of 2019" in a competition of BNR and BNT. 


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/100000.GORA/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/114833649158477/

Web page: www.gorata.bg

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