"The writer does not choose his subjects and types - they are imposed by the environment that immediately surrounds him, in which he himself loves and hates, laughs and cries ..." - Anton Strashimirov

It is difficult to highlight a moment in the life of those writers who, in addition to their creativity, are remarkable in their behavior. This is also true of Anton Strashimirov.

His childhood became wandering around Bulgaria. It doesn't stay anywhere for long. He becomes a teacher. Stops in a village. Then to another. Mayor disputes. And this leads to stays in the surrounding areas, searches of his apartments. He studied in Switzerland for two years. After returning he continues to teach. This incessant journey subsequently reflected both fiction and dramaturgy with which he has remained in the history of literature.

In 1903 he was mobilized in Burgas. There he easily finds an opponent. In this case, he stands against the regimental commander. He even announces a duel. The reason for the duel - the colonel was recording transcripts of Strashimirov's personal correspondence. The "In the Army" sketches that appeared in The Day have sealed the conflict.

Indomitable and timid, he is actively involved in socio-political issues. In the 1903 - 1905 period, from the rostrum of the Den newspaper, Strashimirov attacked the administration of Ferdinand, without at least sparing his reproach, urging every reader to self-abuse with power.

At that time, there was already a law under which to write against the monarch and his rule was charged. But this does not stop the writer and he continues to freely publish, and from the printed pages - to criticize. As a result, Strashimirov has been tried several times.

After continuous battles and processes, he left again for Switzerland. Until, during 1907, when he had already returned to Bulgaria, he had not been arrested or detained for a month illegally in prison.

Anton Strashimirov is impatient and quick-witted in literary circles as well. Quickly find enemies, point out the ones she doesn't like. The opening of the National Theater is symptomatic. Then he announces a duel again. This time by PY Todorov. His feud with Ivan Ivanov, the theater director, is also public. The newspapers often describe his quarrels and monitor his every appearance of a similar nature.

Constantly in the fight with someone, constantly looking for ways to express her position aloud and openly. It throws flames on all sides and ignites them on its own. Strashimirov goes from one idea to another, but he still fails to find the one that fully expresses it, does not find the platform from which to fully and completely present himself.

So his works extend beyond the same type. They differ in genre, but also in ideological orientation. He is the author of stories, short stories, novels, dramas. We must undoubtedly note at least some of them here - the book of stories "Laughter and Tears", the stories "Crossroads" and "The Serpent", the novels "Horo", "Whirlwind", "Troubled Time", "Autumn Days" and "Precipice" , the drama "The Vampire", the comedies "St. John of Rila", "Mother-in-law" and "Over the Crossless Graves", the plays Beyond and The Saints of Prilep.

Source: Nikolov, M. Profiles and Problems, S. 1989.

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