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For several days everything had been going wrong, or so I felt. Nothing seemed to be happening as planned. The car broke down (2 times), a few days before we left for a long planned trip to Trigrad. In my bank they created unnecessary headaches… Unexpected expenses were coming around every corner, and future incomes were quite uncertain.


This whole combination of events was enough to "knock me down" for a moment that I decided to spend a little while. Inevitably, my mood visibly fell. My body also seemed to respond and suddenly today I felt very tired and tired. In the afternoon, I slept well, for about 3 hours. Then I only went to bed at 10 in the evening.

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What was going on?


A few weeks ago I was, you might say, in the same situation. We went on holiday with friends to the magical island of Ibiza. The very first night we were robbed and homeless. Nothing went according to plan! Contingencies constantly arose and none of us expected a steady income after the vacation. However, I was happy and calm. Why? What's the difference with then and now?


The answer, of course, to these questions is always the same - It was all a matter of thoughts spinning in my head, then and now.




"Everything is fine! I'm happy to be here! I'm in perfect health and with loved ones! I do what I have to do and I know I have everything I need! I am happy to just contemplate the beauty of the days, absorbing the meaning of every moment eagerly! I am grateful and inclined to face my fears!




Why is this happening to me?… What am I going to do now?… What did I not do properly?… Can I handle it?… Everything went wrong!


I invite you to make one 10-minute meditation or longer! Then read the paragraphs again carefully Before и Sega. Will you notice how it makes you feel one application versus another? Share in the comment after the article!


The inevitable next question in this investigation is: Why are my thoughts then and now so different?


In both cases, I am faced with a choice: To accept things as they are - with a smile and a lesson in science, or to start resisting and looking for guilt.


What do you choose today?

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