I have loved winter since I was a child! With the fluffy snow, the sleighs and the snowball war games „

One winter day, shortly after Christmas, my children and I were playing "wizards." We waved sticks and enchanted the trees - we turned them into a silver forest. We enchanted the houses - we turned them into ice palaces, we enchanted the animals into polar bears…

Grandpa was coming back from the woods. He wore a branch of twigs. He stared at our game. He sat down and laughed and called us.

- Come, children! - said - Come tell me about the magic wand of the Bulgarians!

photo: dkcchayka

When we heard about magic, our eyes lit up. We gathered in the yard around Grandpa and sat on small logs. And with a small knife, he began to cut the twigs he wore, to shrink them into fanciful shapes, and with colorful, strange woolen horses to adorn them.

"Do you know what these twigs are, kids?" A magical tree - dogwood grows in our lands. The Lord has ordained him not to die, to live on his branches, and to give our land with health and grace. Woodpecker, children, is the most durable tree. It blooms first and ties last. Even in the coldest winter it is full of buds. They are the sign of spring and youth. Its fruits ripen at the latest of all, which, the Chechens, is a symbol of wisdom. This tree connects all human life - from youth to old age wisdom.

- The old year has passed now. Here is Christmas Eve and Christmas. Do you know what holiday is coming?

- New Year! - we shouted in one voice - Survaki! My little brother called from somewhere.

"So, so, son." Survaki is coming. You children are waiting for him with trepidation. That's why even now from these dogwood twigs I will shrink magic whey. On the morning of January 1 is Surva. The year is still young. Nobody knows her and people are afraid of her. That is why they ask her for grace and blessing. The children go around with whey in hand and in each house they make wishes for prosperity and success. This has been the case from generation to generation. From ancient times the little ones send wishes to the older ones… Go now, Hristo, take the pretzels for the whey from your grandmother!

We were wondering! We found out about the magic tree, we found out about the holiday. But why did the survivors yell? As small trees, colorful and rich, they became.

- First of all, children, we have to pick a stick with many buds - it should be a fruitful year! Next, we narrow her twigs into two letters "F" - small, bottom, larger. So it hits harder and it hurts. As the old ones said: Patience is rewarded twice as much.

When it shrinks like this, it splits. The richer the decoration, the more noble the year will be. Everything in the dressing room matters. The coins are put for the benefit - keep the purse of the farmers full. Sticks of popcorn, corn and other seeds are abundant and birch. Red wool wraps around the twig - for health. Dried fruits and red peppers - for fertility. Your grandmother's cheetah, Hristo, is a thank you for the harvest over the past months. We will put colored ribbons - like the light that lights us constantly.

So, with these magic wands, you'll be hitting 1 on January to hit the farmers' back and their livestock. With these magic wands, you can enchant houses and fields to give the Lord health and a briquette throughout our land!

"Come now, Hristo, tell Grandpa the surva's magic words!" You are the youngest, the purest and holiest is your word…

Surva, Surva hour,
fun, fun year!
Great level class,
red apple in the garden,
yellow mammal in the forest,
a big bunch of vines,
a full house with children,
full barns with goods,
a full purse with money.
Live, healthy for up to a year,
to a year, to Amina!

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