The Goethe-Instituts in Ankara, Athens, Bucharest, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Sofia are partnering in the second edition of EthicAI = LABS - a project to study topics related to artificial intelligence and ethics. The call for participants from the six countries is open until March 25th. 


EthicAI = LABS 

Open invitation to participate 

Deadline: March 25, 2022  


Algorithms and algorithmic systems are an integral part of our daily lives. They are in the social networks and applications we use, in online shopping, in the media we follow, in healthcare and in many other areas of social life and economic order. This is one of the most dynamically developing technological areas. New developments are constantly coming out that promise to improve our work and our way of life, communication, experience… These indisputable advantages also have side effects that raise a number of ethical issues. What does this bring to humanity, how does it change our relationships, how does it affect us our lives and our connection to devices and machine intelligence? 


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It is the intersections between artificial intelligence and ethics that are at the heart of the study of EthicAI = LABS. The project started in 2021, when the Goethe-Institut from Southeast Europe selected 18 young professionals in the fields of arts, technology and humanities, which researched the topic and implemented joint projects. 


From March to November this year EthicAI = LABS continues with a rich program, including live events and online formats, including  three-day hackathon in Sofia, online workshops and open events. 


The topics that will be in focus this year are:


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) on social media 
  • NFT, creativity and AI 
  • NLP and new models of AI-generated text 
  • The role of chatbots in human-machine communication ● Machine self-learning (ML) and deviations 
  • AI as a tool in the audio-visual arts 
  • Security: AI in the changing definition of privacy 


As part of the project, participants will meet for a three-day hackathon in Sofia, between May 27th and 29th. Interdisciplinary teams of engineers, researchers, artists and curators will be formed during the event. Each team will discuss specific problems on the topics and look for possible solutions.  


An international jury will select the teams that will continue their participation in EthicAI = LABS with the development of a joint project with a production budget of 2000 euros, mentoring by experts in the region of Southeast Europe and the opportunity to present their projects at the final event. EthicAI = FORUM in November. 


The open invitation to participants from Bulgaria lasts until March 25. Applicants must be students or young professionals in the arts, technology and humanities. Three Bulgarian participants will be selected to join the hackathon in Sofia and compete for further participation in EthicAI = Labs. 


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