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China is the fastest growing country in the world. The growing population is supported by the economic boom in the country, which seeks to break out of economic isolation and compete with other countries around the world. The state has always been open to technical and construction challenges. Now, as part of the country's economic potential and its quest to differentiate itself from its other neighbors, the construction of a building similar to one of 7's ancient wonders of the world - the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis - begins.


This is Thomas Hederwick's latest project in Shanghai, which is a shopping mall, and has been dubbed the local version of the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis by the locals. The original name of the project is Thousand Trees, scheduled to be completed in 2018. Thomas was selected to lead the project, thanks to his work at the United Kingdom Chamber, for the Shanghai 2010 Exhibition. The author has also worked on other iconic projects, such as the transformation of buses in London and the torch that opened the London Olympics in 2012.

Heatherwick studio

В Shanghai works in collaboration with the non-governmental Fosun Art Foundation in Bund. He even recently graduated from the Bund Financial Center, in collaboration with Foster and Partners. The project will occupy 15 acres and will be located in the creative district of Shanghai, with the idea that the building looks like no other, but blends in with the environment by being immersed in greenery. The mall will be built on the embankment by the Suzhou River, in the old part of the city. The site of this masterpiece will house 4 historic buildings. Including the old Fufeng and Fuxin flour mills, which were among the first "modern" mills in their time in China. In this way, Shanghai architects will "set the clock" by combining and creating a harmonious connection between the old historic buildings and the modern look of the new buildings. At the same time, they will prove that greenery is not superfluous in the urban jungle. The nearby Suzhou neighborhood, which is key to the city's development, will help.

Once completed, the 9 floors and 3 basement will house schools, a residential complex, shops, offices and a hotel. There will also be over 400 terraces adorned with beds and trees to highlight the 3D forest landscape and encourage its residents to get out and relax more often in nature.



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