Verginia was born in Sofia. From a child he is engaged in art - he sings and draws. She expresses her music by singing in a choir while starting painting classes. She was admitted to the Art High School in Sofia where she performed her first solo exhibition in 2012. The next step is Bachelor of Arts in Painting at the National Academy of Arts (NAA), in the studio of Professor Andrei Daniel.
During 2016 - 2017, he made two more solo exhibitions in Sofia. Desiring to develop skills other than classical drawing, she recorded Master's Degree in Digital Arts in the National Academy of Arts. This allows her to express herself through video art and digital music composing.

Verginiya Stephanie Doicheva
San Marco
acrylic, 32 / 42


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In the last year it has been part of the extremely interesting project of HaHaHa Impro Theater - The Impro Musical. Virgini draws live, improvising, inspired by the current story. All that happens on stage is improvisation - acting, music and illustrations. He really entertains himself by describing him as "big adrenaline rush", and the spontaneous fun is also conveyed to the audience.
In the fall of 2018, the young artist is part of a project by Old is New (an art restaurant in downtown Sofia) painting live in one of the halls where other artists have left their mark. There's also the first mural he creates.
Verginia is a freelance artist. He likes to experiment with different techniques and styles of expression. Travel and encounters with different cultures inspire her greatly. In addition to drawing, the young artist also wants to create music. The topics that excite her, in fine arts and music, are people, relationships, mysticism, the human psyche, life and contemporary culture.

Metropolis / Virginia Stephanie 110 - 130cm / oil painting

"Zoo city" / Virginia Stephanie 100 - 110cm / oil painting

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