Days before his Christmas concerts with the Razgrad Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Levo Manukyan and Armenian Opera star Hasmik Harutyunyan, on December 21st in Silistra and December 22nd in Razgrad, Vasil Petrov released a new song and video for Christmas.


The song is entitled "Winter" and is in collaboration with the young talents of "XS Artists Music School" - Agleya Kaneva, Valeria Stoyanova and Sara Peycheva.


The video for the song reveals snowy Christmas pictures in the streets of the capital and the festive coziness around the Christmas tree, and the finale reminds us that the world is beautiful and the Creator is alive.


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"Winter" fills the senses with the softness in the voice of Vasil Petrov and the feeling of closeness and tenderness, which are his musical style. A gentle ballad that unfolds in a swing and we hear in a trilogy the fresh voices of Agleia, Valeria and Sarah. With this song Vasil Petrov not only gives variety with this non-standard approach, but also makes the holiday sound eternal - invariably magical, sheltering and full of meaning. A song that brings a feeling of love, with a deep sense of gratitude and tenderness, which radiates joy with the birth of the Creator.

The lyrics are by Ahimendrit Seraphim (Alexiev), and the music and arrangement of the song are by Vasil Petrov. Stoycho Stoyanov is on guitar, and the video footage is the work of Mihail Yanakiev. The post-production of the audio and video was made by Stoycho Stoyanov, Mihail Yanakiev, XS Artists Music School. The producer is Margarita Tosheva, and the production is supported by the National Fund "Culture" under the program "Music Initiatives".


Thus, with "Winter" by Vasil Petrov we celebrate Christmas with love, tenderness and anticipation.

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