Podcasts are not such a popular way of presenting and "consuming" information in our country, unlike in the United States, for example, where most people start their day with them. There is a presenter and can be in the form of a monologue or a conversation with guests. We Bulgarians are used to perceiving more with the eye than with the ear. However, there are many really successful podcasts that enjoy a large audience and deserve our attention. Here are some of the most interesting and useful podcasts, broadcast entirely in Bulgarian.


1. The Irreconcilable

The "irreconcilable" meets us with inspiring personalities who have not given up on pursuing their dreams and with a lot of hard work have finally achieved the desired success. The creator of the podcast is Miroslav Filkov, and the purpose of his conversations is to inspire confidence in more people, to make them believe in themselves and their abilities, sharing the example of so many ordinary young people who have succeeded because of this. that they were uncompromising and did not give up at the first difficulty. Because success is above all work and strong will, luck is only 1%, and often it can be compensated with perseverance and faith in what we do.


The podcast introduces us to writers, athletes, veterinarians, volunteers and many others who inspire with the positive change they impose first in themselves and then in the world in which they live.

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2. The Superman

"The Superman" is probably the most popular podcast in Bulgarian at the moment. It is the work of Georgi Nenov, who has dealt with so many things that he himself is an endless source of useful information, although he prefers to provide us with the personal stories of other people. His podcast is aimed at discovering the many opportunities that surround each of us and self-belief. The "Superman" meets us with inspiring personalities who are not the center of media attention, but have something to tell us and give us an indisputable example of the unlimited abilities of every human being. From each conversation Georgi derives a symbolic sentence, which becomes the motto for each episode.


3. The "Creators"

The central theme of this podcast is the various formats for the digital society in Bulgaria, as well as for the people who daily invest time, ideas, money and develop this business in our country, or in other words - for the "digital optimists" of Bulgaria. His team is composed of no less inspiring Justin Thoms, Goritsa Belogusheva, Silvina Furnadzhieva and Heliana Velinova. Entrepreneurs, curators, IT specialists and PR ones - the podcast introduces us to a wide range of professionals who inspire us with their example and every sentence that comes out of their mouths.

4. "Women Speak Leadership"

An entirely business podcast dedicated to women's leadership and career advancement with influence, authority and meaning. Yes, only so far it sounds inspiring, but then it becomes even more interesting! It is always inspiring to see and hear a woman who boldly breaks into the business and succeeds where many men have failed! The creator of the podcast Aneta Savova meets us with such bold and fighting women. If you are interested in business, leadership or just need to believe that such women exist - welcome to the "Women Speak Leadership".

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Can we be offline in today's world

Can we be offline in today's world

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5. "Success without borders"

"Success without borders" is a podcast for Bulgarians who have managed to build a career abroad. We know how difficult it is to succeed even in your own country, what is left for someone else. What vicissitudes they went through, how they coped with nostalgia and the huge competition, with the language and cultural barrier - all this is told by our compatriots who managed to build a career in Germany, the Netherlands, San Francisco, China, Ireland and others. in front of Chrissy Noeva's microphone.


6. "The Savage Mind

"Wild minds who have something to say" - this memorable motto was given to her podcast by Dara Tsvetanova. She never ceases to inspire us with the strength and positive energy of the young people she meets. Dara is involved in the selection of full-time IT staff. This does not prevent her in her free time from doing podcasts and making us interlocutors in the conversations she leads with such interesting young people who have achieved a lot for their age and really have something to say. The podcast is aimed at building a career and personal development, but believe me, you will learn many other things from the guests and gain invaluable life experience, albeit in absentia.


Although not as popular as platforms like YouTube, podcasts are a source of infinitely useful information and can be not only constructive, but also totally change the way we think and inspire our future success.

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