Bulgaria is known around the world, not only for its beautiful nature and delicious traditional cuisine, but also for the interesting Revival architecture, which can not be seen anywhere in the world. However, in addition to the Revival-style domestic tourism, many owners of hotels and guest houses rely on a "more western" model or are directly inspired by fairy tales.


Just as out of the fairy tales are the following houses and hotels that we have selected for you. Small, cozy, nestled in the woods, offering a great view of the snow-capped peaks of Rila and Pirin - these fabulous creations, often made entirely of wood, are a great place to relax and saturate all the senses with pure oxygen and a solid dose of tranquility.


1. Malina Holiday Village


The complex is located in the heart of the Rhodopes near the ski slopes and the lift of the resort Pamporovo - only 150 meters from them. The complex is open all year round and is located in one of the most picturesque places in the region, where you can still enjoy the untouched nature, clean rivers, green meadows with fragrant flowers in summer and snow-capped peaks in winter. It is located near the village Yagodinska Cave, Samodivskoto Praskalo Waterfall, Chudnite Mostove, Haidushkite Poleta, Uhlovitsa Cave and many other exceptional sights that every Bulgarian must see in order to love their homeland.


Don't worry if you return hungry to the complex. The restaurant serves typical traditional dishes prepared according to original recipes, along with a selected wine list, alcoholic and soft drinks, served in a classic set.


2. Guest House "Leshten Idyll"
Maybe you have already heard about it or seen photos on Instagram, because the house is very popular among Bulgarian influencers, and for good reason. Built of parts in the Revival style, mostly from natural materials, combined with the eclecticism of bossage (rustic - rural, rural) and vintage (vintage - objects and patterns belonging to a certain era, everything between 1920 and 1990. Before 1920 it was antique, and after 1990 it was retro) елементи, this house is a true work of art. Nestled in the southwestern slope of the Rhodope Mountains at 1000 meters above sea level and located in the highest part of the village of Leshten, each window of the house reveals a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and the majestic snow-capped peaks of Pirin. Suitable for about 8-10 people, it is a great place to break away from the hectic urban reality and a way to give yourself a little "fairytale".

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3. Hotel „Utopia Forest
Utopia Forest is 15 km away. south of Bourgas and 19 km. north of Sozopol, at the foot of Strandzha mountain and close to the sea beach. This unique combination between sea and mountains cannot be found anywhere else in Bulgaria. Cool forest and golden dunes, hot sun, so coveted after the beach shade - it is no coincidence that the name of the hotel is "Utopia". The complex contains cozy small villas, hotel, restaurant, gym, relaxation area, private lagoon, playground and many other beauties. With a modern interior and exterior design and comfortable furniture, the houses are separated from each other for maximum comfort. The place really looks fabulous, and I have not seen such architecture in Bulgaria.
4. Cob Camp Club
Environmental fairytale - so I would call Cob Camplocated in The woods - 30 km. from Pazardzhik. In the camp there are great houses, made as if made of clay or from a fairy tale - with eyes, cute windows and interesting decoration. In them, reality simply disappears and one easily indulges in fantasy, or lives directly in the fairy tale in which he finds himself. In the garden with a rich lawn there is a large screen on which movies are shown in the evening. The food on offer is home-cooked with a lot of love. There is Wi-fi, but I don't think you need it, because the nature around is so beautiful that you won't want to "scroll" on Instagram.


5. Forest residence "Bedouin "
If you really want to feel the spirit of the forest - this is the place. Bedouin is located in the Balkan Mountains - Central Balkans. Here nature is wild, beautiful, magical. And near the village of Valevtsi, Sevlievo municipality, just above the crystal clear waters of the Rositsa River, lies this forest oasis. The complex can accommodate between 30 and 300 people and every year welcomes many Bulgarian and foreign tourists.


The mission of "Bedouin" and the whole team is to maintain a balance between people and nature, creating a variety of events, themed occasions for entertainment and recreation. The place has four bedrooms and a sofa bed in addition, private bathroom, outdoor terrace above the waterfalls, terrace to the yard, 1 decare flat yard, fireplace and wood, and also offers a hot tub under the open sky (capacity 8-10 people) with attractive garden lighting and additional festive lighting.


6. Guest HouseGarmen hills “


We are heading to southwestern Bulgaria - the borders of former Thrace and the great kingdom of Macedonia. There is the next fairytale house on our list. It bears the name of the village in which it is nestled - Garmen, only 15 km from the border with Greece. This makes the place convenient and preferred for both Bulgarians and Greeks and other foreign tourists. The owner and manager of the house, Christoph Lemmer, has tried to achieve a truly fabulous comfort, suitable for both summer and winter seasons. Swimming pool, warm fireplace, petanque field (French game with small metal balls, between 7 and 8 cm) and amazing green views of the nearby hills and forests, access to which is easy and pleasant. The wooden walls and the stone fireplace create a real sense of fairytale.


In addition, Garmen Hills strives for sustainable development. Renewable energy is used to advantage: the heating of the coop is provided by a boiler operating on wooden pallets made of waste wood. The heating and air conditioning of the villas is provided by a water-air heat pump, and the hot water supply is provided mainly by solar panels and heat pumps. Another way to enjoy your vacation without the slightest guilt.


7. Tourist complex "Andela"


Andela Tourist Complex is located between Rila and the Rhodopes in the uniquely beautiful mountainous area of ​​Yundola. It is surrounded by dense pine forests, thanks to which the air in the area is extremely clean. There are several ski slopes and ski lifts nearby, and the Belmeken Dam is a half-hour drive away. The complex has a hotel part of the bungalows, and I will naturally emphasize the bungalows. The wooden houses contain cozy private apartments with wood stoves - for authentic fairytale and outdoor barbecue. In winter, when they are covered with thick snow, the bungalows are especially romantic and look like they came out of a painted children's book telling a beautiful winter fairy tale.

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