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July, 2018
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It is no accident that Malta is an irresistible destination for many. The smallest member state of the European Union (extending only to 316 sq. Km) has, in addition to purely factually interesting features, a rich history uniting the Arab world with European values ​​and culture.

photo: ©Christian Demireva

photo: ©Christian Demireva

The collision of two worlds creates a reality in Malta that is colorful and satisfies every interest - from adventure seekers to history and culture lovers. The country is purely geographically located on the African continental plate and only about an hour by air from Libya (from where many Arabic teachers were sent to Malta many years ago, as the owner of a small restaurant with delicious food told us, several times we ate ). Yes, Arabic was the main language in Malta. It is still widespread, although the official languages ​​of the country today are Maltese and English. Although most locals are relatively fluent in English, some did not even know it was an official language.


However, Britain, Malta's last "ruler" (until 1964), is today a "friend" of the country, not an enemy. Valued for the rich cultural heritage it leaves on the island, Britain has become a desirable winter destination for many Maltese who travel there during the inactive months of the island. And the red phone booths, which seem out of place in Malta, are a curious memory left over from a former colonizer.

The influence that Malta has (both from the Arab world and England, as well as from France, the Normans, even Rome), creates the present-day appearance of the country, bringing together historic monuments, architectural and cultural styles that are not typical of any other country.

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Here are some of Malta's jewelry for everyone to taste.

For city lovers:

The proud capital of Malta offers the "urban" type of tourists a wide choice of attractions. It hides 320 monuments and monuments, making it one of the richest architectural monuments in Europe. Although during the Second World War the city was bombed and suffered serious architectural losses, to date Jacks is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Take enough time to enjoy all the museums, monuments, the central library, the Parliament building, the gardens of Upper and Lower Barrack, and every nook and cranny to which the narrow, steep streets of the city and especially your intuition take you.


photo: ©Christian Demireva


photo: ©Christian Demireva

Malta's old capital today looks like a large fortress - surrounded by high walls and inaccessible. When you come in, it carries you to another time. Its territory was inhabited, as early as 700 BC, probably by the Phoenicians. It is no coincidence called the Quiet City - Mdina is small, calm, as if time had stopped there, slowing you down and enjoying it longer and better.

On the modest territory of the city you can visit the Museum of Natural History, the Palace of Vilhena, the Benedictine Monastery, the Church of St. Agatha, the Mdinski Prison and more.

For lovers of breathtaking views:

The blue of the lagoon

photo: ©Christian Demireva

photo: ©Christian Demireva

As an island nation, reaching the very end of the country, in many places there are magnificent panoramas of high white rocks. It is a favorite place Dingley Rocks, where, according to the locals, you can see the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Skeptical of such extreme claims, we have personally checked and yes, it is definitely worth it! Dingle Rocks are a must stop, we guarantee! Just do not forget warm clothes - the wind there wants to drive away the visitors and keep the beauty of the sunset for itself.


Comino Island. Here you can find both a noisy, rocky beach and an escape from the crowds of paradise just for you. It is up to you what you are looking for. There are countless high cliffs for the adrenaline seekers of the island, from which many people, in addition to contemplating the views, dive.

The blue of the lagoon is probably the most famous natural landmark on the island and in the country as a whole and there is why. Crystal water, soft sand at the bottom and hot rocks that then warm up like a hug. The bar nearby offers exotic drinks, but we advise you to walk 10 - 15 minutes! People will almost disappear, and we promise you will find places like. The Crystal Lagoonwhere, in addition to the crystal water and plenty of sunshine, you will enjoy more peace of mind.

For beach lovers:

Gozo Island it is also a mandatory stop on the Malta tour. Less developed, it offers more natural landmarks, such as the famous Azuro Window, which was unfortunately recently destroyed by a storm - March 2017. However, it is located on the west coast of the island. Wied il-Mielaħ Windowwhich is inferior in beauty and is becoming more and more famous. Inland Sea (Inland sea)Also known as "Qawra", in Maltese it is a small, hidden lagoon that connects to the sea through a narrow small gap in the rocks, making it attractive to divers, divers and adventure seekers.


Rocky Malta also has such jewelry - beautiful, sandy beaches. Being small is an advantage in this case because you can touch each of the most famous beaches without spending a lot of time traveling. Try it Golden bay, the beach at Melieha, the numerous lagoons, Armier beach, Ta` Fra Ben Bay, Peter's Pool… The list does not end here. Rocky beaches, sandy beaches, small bays - Malta satisfies every request of its guests.

photo: ©Christian Demireva

Allow yourself to touch Malta - the meeting will be truly unforgettable!

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