A modern saying

Tsveta's house was full of flowers, the yard too. Flowers loved flowers and flowers loved her. They lived happily and together. But, behold, will you not, a shadow eclipses their happiness. It was not any shade, it was the shadow of the Paulovnia tree.


Cvet's sharp look crossed her etiolated pets and settled on the tree's crown. Green, beautiful, he enjoyed life and drew full handfuls of it - its leaves were huge, like umbrellas, and its top was already rising to the roof of the lodge. Colors seemed to have forgotten his existence, and now she couldn't understand what was happening.


Indeed, she remembered, her granddaughter had planted a seed, but it was soon. Colors had shown little interest and cared for her. And it - it was Alien. Yet he allowed himself to cover the sun.


Three days Colors flush. He moved his plants feverishly - here and here. Alas, they were vomiting. The light was no longer enough. On the third day at night, Cveta slept poorly and woke up exhausted. He went out to the house to identify the enemy. He looks at him. So he went home.



Laura slid her little lever through the bars of the metal gate and lifted the latch. With a brisk step, he walked around the house and disappeared around the corner. Her mother followed her quietly. A baby cry was heard. The mother's heart trembled.


Under the bright sun on a beautiful August day, everything was as it was before, except for the peace in the souls of a grandmother and a granddaughter. Thank goodness the tree was saved just in time.


Laura and her mother didn't stay long. However, Paulonia remained long. Each spring, innumerable "purple" pots decorated her branches.


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