The premiere of the grand stage made 10 new hits

In the crowded hall "Kolodrum" at a remarkable ceremony in the European Capital of Culture and Bulgarian Music for 2019 - Plovdiv, were presented 17s Annual Music Awards on BG RADIO 2019. 


The ceremony officially opened Poly genova with a stunning descent from the ceiling of the hall in Plovdiv. In addition to performing on Heroes, foot also joined as a host with the traditional host of Annual Music Awards on BG RADIO, Rafi

Poly genova


Premiere of the exclusive stage, worthy of any world music event, made 10 new hits! 14 trucks with equipment, numerous screens, impressive animations and complex visualizations and accents turned the production in Plovdiv into a real European example of a class show.  


This year the statuette, which is defined by the team of BG RADIO - the Anna Maria Tonkova Award for BG Inspiration - a symbol of exceptional contribution and an example of dedication to Bulgarian music, was presented to The Argyrov brothers

The Argyrov brothers

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Here are the other winners selected by the listeners of BG RADIOwho voted on the media site in the last month: 


Song - Alien Smiles - Toto H


Text - Alien Smiles - text: Toto H 


Album - New Page - Michaela Fileva 


Artist - Lyubo Kirov  


Artist - Maria Ilieva  


Duet / Vocal Group - SkandaU 


Group - Ku-ku Bend


Debut - "4Magic" 


Video - "Seal from My Soul" - Miró, directed by Miró 


Inspirer - The Argirov Brothers 


The Argyrov brothers they also introduced a new song together with The spark and officially declared themselves as "back" on the Bulgarian music scene. At the ceremony at which future hits are born, new songs were presented Itzo Hazarta, Mihaela Marinova, DARA, RUSHI, Rafi, Trinity Trio, Lubo Kirov and Pavell & Venci Venc, Miro and Koyna Ruseva, Grafa and NDOE. 


On the Stage of the Annual Music Awards at BG RADIO there were more performances "4Magic", "Jeremy?" And Kiril Marichkov, Maria Ilieva, Michaela Fileva, Poli Genova, "SkandaU" and many more favorite bg stars.

Lubo Kirov and Angel Dulger


Maria Ilieva

Count and NDOE


Ku-Ku Bend

Miro and Koyna Ruseva

Michaela Fileva

Popular TV faces and audience favorites also took part in the glamorous ceremony - Stefan Ilchev, Dimitar Kovachev-Funky, Bogomil Grozev and Lucy Dyakovska, presenters of BG RADIO - Simo, Bogdana, Laura, Nasko and Desi, Radina Dumanyan, Yoana Bukovska-Davidova, Stanislava Armutlieva, Jordan Monov Yovchev, Yordan Monov Yovchev Sofianska-Bozhkova, "101 Kaba Gaidi" and the choir of the "Trakia" ensemble

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