Eccentric, cheerful, well-meaning and full of talent - this is, in short, Angalot Enminas. He graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Veliko Tarnovo, but as he shares: "My real teacher is the Ruse artist Milen Minchev, with whom I not only learned to paint, but also opened my eyes to see and my soul to feel…"

artist: Angalot

Angalot Enminas - the "iron flower" for which there are no borders ...

For several years he worked as an animator at the largest party center in Turnovo, where he does something: organizing children's holidays, writing scripts for sketches, hidden cameras. "It was fun. But inside, something kept bitten by me. Therefore, I am grateful to my former love that it was a reason to go to Majorca, where (with a pause) I am today. I first worked here as a living statue. And then my inspiration finally struck me and I went back to drawing. "

In the meantime, he began to write and narrate. Thus, in the spring of 2016, he launched his first book - Guerriz Production. But more about her, about traveling the world and about herself, about freedom, borders and chocolate, than herself.

Angalot Enminas - when and how was he born?

I invented this alias 15 years ago. Over time, I feel it as part of me. Stronger and more appropriate than my first name. "Angalot" means "iron flower" in the Elven language created by John Tolkien; Enminas translates as "middle tower" - this is the name of the neighborhood in Rousse, of which I am a paternal line. I thought my nickname was "iron flower" because I love the extremes of nature. I like to find a connection between seemingly mutually exclusive things, which, however, still find some synchronicity.

In July, the publication of her first book of short stories came true.

Yes, I am very happy because I wrote pleasure stories and until recently I did not look at them seriously. It was more about fun. But the audience gradually increased to more than two or three loyal "FANS" and I created the book. It is special - its covers are printed on a lithographic press, so each is an original graphic print, not just a photocopy; the line font is specially created with my handwriting; the sheets are hand-sewn by me. Everything is assembled by hand. And each book has a CD, on which three Bulgarian actors read my stories. These are Simeon Vladov, Leonid Yovchev and Kitodar Todorov.

What about writing? Is it easy for you or do you have special "inspirational" rituals?

It just happens because having fun with it is not something that bothers me. I noticed that many of the stories I made up when traveling. Obviously then I have more opportunity to gather my thoughts. Although I often don't need to think these stories because they just come to my mind and I only want to write them down. One of my favorite stories, "The Man Who Took Off Diseases From Earth," was first started without any purpose, and then became the most serious thing I've ever written.

Favorite of what you wrote?

It's hard for me to choose something specific because I'm not one of those authors who are full of quotes that one can put on their Facebook wall. My stories are full of magical realism and sound quite absurd. Therefore, it is better not to draw conclusions about them from just one quote. But here…
"It was Monday night, and the Village Men had a meeting at Ermanuel's Pub. All day long clouds of all kinds were gathering over the countryside. The specific ribbing of the Clouds - Mothers, could be predicted with a precision of one day that a whole flock of clouds would gather up to a week above the fields. And it will rain! And in order for the land to be tilled and prepared for the rain on time, the Village Men decided to move the Final of the Beauty Contest from Sunday to Friday. Sunday resisted, but no one paid attention to her because she was inanimate and still non-existent.
The clouds evening, eating the last ray of light, and the Village came from Night, sinking into a heavy sleep. Gradually, the jelly balls of laughter landed low, looking for bedding. "

What are your characters?

Diverse but completely ordinary: a man with a Saturn ring around his waist who sucks people's diseases; a woman who wants to learn to read because she only knows her letter and when she sees it somewhere, she thinks they have written about her; a boy who calls coins. As I mentioned, completely ordinary people. And to make my characters feel good, things around them are also ordinary - houses that sank over time and show up in the spring; flocks of clouds with internal organization; goats with branches that give olives.
I love the absurd things. Sometimes it makes sense to them, but my philosophy is that even in serious things, we don't have to go into too much. I am far from the philosophy that we are made to suffer. Rather, I suspect that we have to make fun of the problems.

Who do you read often?

Tolkien! But for me, John Tolkien is magic and a philosophy that we need to talk about separately.
I also love Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Ivaylo Petrov. One Hundred Years of Loneliness, I read it aloud to two former loved ones And again it reads to me. I must look for a new wife!

photo: Radostin Konkin

photo: Radostin Nonkin

You are also involved in the creation of "LOGISCAPE" - the first "Room of Mysteries" in Veliko Tarnovo „

Logiscape is the first "Mystery Room" in Turnovo. This is a game where we lock a group of several people in one room and they have to get out of there in less than an hour, coping with a series of puzzles.
I'm proud that "The Conspiracy" - the first of our two "Mysteries Rooms" has been at TOP 3 in Bulgaria for several months now. In the Conspiracy, participants must prepare for an uprising for the liberation of Bulgaria, immersing themselves in the authentic atmosphere of the nineteenth-century Bulgarian spirit. I highly recommend anyone who has a trip to the old capital to play this "Mystery Room"! And I recommend it, not because it is mine, but because our team has tried to do something that is not just a game, but to leave a memory for the participants for a long time. Make them feel part of Bulgarian history.

You are currently in Palma de Mallorca, before that - Ruse, Veliko Tarnovo… How does it affect you that you travel so often? Where do you feel "at home"?

I love to travel. Especially hitchhiking. They got me over the 430 driver.
Otherwise, I feel at home everywhere. I am far from thinking that home is where you were born. I don't like borders. I have been looking at pictures of Earth from above and I have not seen any borders between countries. We have to cross any kind of boundaries between us. And more often find the way between us. Also between us humans and nature.

And does the Road help you find yourself?

Yes. And it helps a lot if you get lost along the way! Demand, whatever it is, gives meaning to life. However, if I could choose, I would choose the aimless wandering in which we do not delve into where things are and their meaning. And they find us ourselves. We need to get excited about life, not be bothered by it.

The last thing that excites you?

The melted blue cheese on a piece of chicken I cooked for lunch. It smells so strong, but this is exactly what charms it about - it brings back to me memories of Rhodope houses, piled heavily on the mountain slopes, smeared in animal scents and giving a sense of freedom.

Artist: Angalot Enminas

What do you dream of?

I dream of a goat that instead of horns has olive branches producing processed fruit ready for direct consumption. I dream of going back in time with my current witch. I dream about such normal things.

photo: Angalot

photo: Angalot

What are you addicted to?

To chocolate. Hmmm, maybe I should start dreaming of a chocolate cow along with the goat.

5 things you can't live without…

Тoh it's clear - two chocolates, my eyes, my heart and my fantasy.

artist: Angalot

painter: Angalot

Finally, since you are a huge Tolkien fan, write your three favorite words in Elven.

Anar - the sun

Fea - spirit

Tasar - willow

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