Nuts, grains and seeds are some of the most valuable and delicious foods in our daily lives. They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber as well as essential amino acids, vegetable proteins and 'good' fats. However, the harsh truth is that they do not have to be thermally or chemically treated to be useful. Roasted nuts and seeds act on the tissues, damage the cardiovascular system, accelerate aging, lead to various skin diseases.

It is therefore good to eat nuts and seeds raw. However, there is one peculiarity here. All the grains have an outer shell, a layer that contains the so-called. antinutrients or inhibitors. They protect the living seed from various external factors (insects, pests, bacteria) as well as germination.

Consumption of foods containing these substances can cause problems with the digestive system, ulcers, allergies, reduced immunity, anemia, hormonal problems, internal inflammatory processes (colitis, gastritis), etc. In order to remove the harmful inhibitors, it is sufficient for the nuts and seeds to be pre-soaked in water. In this way, nutrients and vitamins are activated, the alkaline nature of the grains is increased and they are more easily absorbed by the body.

The soaking method is very easy. Rinse the berries with plenty of water, place them in a glass bowl or jar, add twice the amount of water and cover with a cloth or gauze. Change the water every 2 hours and rinse well before consuming. And here is the time needed to soak the different types of nuts, seeds and cereals:

30 minute 


2 hours 


Indian cashew

Photo: olivelovestoeat

3-4 hours 

brazilian nut



6 hours 





8 hours



beans, chickpeas 



pumpkin seeds

sesame seeds

sunflower seed


Activated nuts and seeds are good to consume within 15-20 hours, and if you plan to use them for a few days, keep them in the fridge so that they do not rot.

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