For two consecutive mornings, I wake up to Easter TV shows discussing the same rather topical issue. Do we remember what the essence of the holiday is, or rather get involved in the preparations and everyday traditions associated with it?

At home we made weed, cookies, painted eggs, sacrificed lamb and drank red wine. Only the Easter Bunny was missing, but of course it comes from a "foreign" tradition and has no place on our table. My parents went around the church and brought the holy fire. Yesterday at noon my father passed the table and tried to say a prayer whose words he did not know. Why is he smoking? Why do weed kuzunak? Why are eggs painted? These questions are usually answered: - Because that's the way it is! - at least in my family. We sat at the festive table and my dad wished he had a "roast" on Easter each year.

Questions about the essence echo in my mind. I think about the people of that time and their perceptions of the world. How lonely was Jesus among the crowded, despondent people, how brave, persistent, and determined?

Whether you are a believer or not, and what religion you profess, there are a few basic things that the story of Christ wants to tell us, namely: 

Love each other! Farewell! Be grateful!

Two thousand years later, humanity has made remarkable progress in this regard, but it seems that something else is not enough for us to live in peace and harmony on a global scale. Something smoothes us out and we are not happy, we want more and more!

Take Bulgaria for example. We are poor, we do not have this, we do not have that, we are not like the "West". Well, yes, we're not like the East. We are compared to a fictional ideal, a standard of happiness, and we are like horses with their hoods turned and tended by the flow of materialism. Why don't we stop for a moment, look back and realize that in Bulgaria people live richer than at least two-thirds of people in the world? Why are we not grateful for what we have instead of complaining and suffering for what is still far from us?

This is not only a "feature of the Bulgarians", it is true of a large part of the population of the planet, even for those who seemingly have everything. The poor want to be rich, the rich want to be even richer. Having lots of cool items and entertainment options satisfies us for a moment, of course. However, when the moment is over, there is nothing left for us to ask for - new objects and new experiences. What we all seek, however, some consciously others do not, is in fact Love and peace in our hearts. Not the demanding and "burning" love, the passion, but the pure universal Love that creates the world around us and which awaits to be awakened within us.

This Love wants Jesus to show us. His death, in my view, is a symbolic manifestation of the "death" of our incessant desires, of petty chills between people, of selfishness, hatred, fear, and his resurrection - the birth of Love in our hearts.

If we revive this Love, we will find harmony and comfort for the ever-seeking mind and peace for humanity!

May Christ be resurrected in our hearts!

He has indeed risen!

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