Sometimes the dance of life turns us so fast that we fail to follow in its footsteps and get lost in the rhythm. Another time, we float between the tones in his incessant song or blur in the variety of colors on his canvas. Then we need to stop for a while, get out of the picture and see it in its entirety, interrupt the dance, to return to it with the right rhythm and confidence that we know the steps or hear the right tone, because everything is visible from the side and he hears better.


In that moment of our lives, when we are in isolation and everything seems to have stopped somehow, we easily get lost and forget our path. However, this is often the case in our daily lives, but because of the speed with which life passes, we do not fully realize it until the neon letters come to us: "What am I doing with my life at all?" The good thing about such a moment is that we can always count on our most loyal friends - the books, though we may not always be there for them as they stand with us. I made a selection of those books that have repeatedly proven to be aides in "self-exploration" and the return of meaning and motivation to move confidently forward. Personally, they have helped me a lot over the years, I hope they help you too!

  1. Victor Frankl - The Man in Search of Meaning

As I like to say, this has to be a board book in any personal library. As much as I read it, there is always something new to tell me. Her pages describe first-hand the life of the author in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, where his parents, his brother and his pregnant wife died - virtually his entire family. In addition to his relatives, Victor Frankl is losing something extraordinarily valuable to him - the manuscript of The Doctor and the Soul, which began before the war. It was found and destroyed by the Nazis.

Then Frankl gets sick with typhoid fever and it's a miracle that he is able to cure himself during that troubled time. What saves him first mentally and then physically, because there is no physical condition that cannot be overcome by the psyche, is his overwhelming desire to complete the manuscript. Victor manages to write on stolen sheets of paper and so keeps his hope that everything will work out.


The book illustrates the power of the human spirit and the unbelievable desire for life that give rise to the meaning in each person's life and personal cause, for which it is worth it to endure every pain, every difficulty and to go on despite everything. Because there is no greater driving force in life than having something to live for. Victor Frankl concludes that those who die are dying for nothing but because they have no meaning to keep them alive. This book, I believe, will help everyone find their own personal meaning or bring back their lost hope.


"The meaning of life is different for everyone, every day and hour."


"If we take on the challenge of suffering courageously, life makes sense until our last moment."


  1. Blaga Dimitrova - Traveling to Yourself

Blaga Dimitrova's book is a classic in Bulgarian literature and a great way to become self-aware and self-aware. Especially in the time of transition from an irreversible childhood and family comfort, to the responsibility and the burden of the life of an elderly person coming with the quick steps. This is a book about leaving, about the difficulty of throwing away everything you were and everything you had to create yourself again and elsewhere. This is a book about the search for that identity, which until now has been hidden, but has been lurking somewhere in the subconscious.

"The longest and steepest path is the path to yourself. Your essence is constantly changing and escaping you. No one has yet found a direct and easy path to a true self. This time around the others. In order to understand yourself, you need to understand others. Mistakes accompany this wander to itself. To be open, you need courage, inner liberation, the right to experiment. "


"There is no dead point than a stopped time. Consciousness cannot accept this and is resisting with all its might. To live means to feel how fast, how breathless the time passes through you, how it takes off with your hot accelerated breathing, how it flows with sweat through the pores of your skin, how it drains with the hot tingling of fatigue in the evening when you return after a busy day day, how it beats your heart rate. Stagnation. So you stop living. "

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  1. Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist

A parable filled with wisdom and eternal truths about life, woven into an adventure story that leaves no one indifferent. It is difficult to describe such a book, which is a chem parable, a chem novel, a "dream in wakefulness". This is a book for those who believe and love to believe in miracles. Those who have not lost the desire to dream and listen and look with their inner ears and eyes. In it one can always look around and see his true image, because the pages reflect the one who reads them. In addition, the book is filled with so much wisdom, about the fun you will need for thousands of volumes and many years to come.


"At some point in our existence, we lose control of our lives, which from that day onwards become subject to fate. This is the biggest lie in the world. "


"You can't trust someone if you don't know his home."


"When you want something very much, the whole universe helps you to fulfill your desire."



  1. John Kehoe - "The subconscious can do anything"

Much has been said about the power of human thought and how mastering thoughts is the key to success. It sounds easy in theory, but things change when we get to practice. What sets the book apart from the others discussing this topic is that it gives specific tasks and directions for dealing with thought. They immediately take effect and activate an incredible flow of energy that, if properly managed, actually creates miracles in our lives. Kehau pushes us to work with the subconscious, to think about how we think and visualize the world, what happens to our fantasies, and how we can manage our lives, including thought, energy and desire.

In the book you will find specific techniques for thinking, which you do not need to spend more time than 20 minutes a day. Through them, you will be able to break free from anxiety, fear, hatred and control the balance in your own life. You will start to see many more shades of it and gradually what you think and desire will begin to be put into practice. In addition, this book will help you find your self, your calling, and your plan for achieving your dreams much easier. Because they are not just dreams when you load them, except with desire and with action.


"Every great achievement starts with a thought. We often forget that it is our thoughts that conduct the orchestra of our lives. They determine what the music will sound like. "



  1. Peter Dunov - "Help yourself to help God"

This book of Peter Dunov's aphorisms is all that one needs to find his inner power for life and to activate it. It is for those who believe that change is possible and should come from within, not by waiting for something to happen from the outside while they are only watching contemplatively. 

Big change happens through the many small changes we make in our lives, our thinking and our deeds. But first is awareness. Peter Dunov presents us with his invaluable wisdom, gathered in about 160 - 170 pages.


"Today everyone wants to live peacefully, to be free, to be a master of themselves, no one commands him. This desire is natural, however, freedom does not belong to only one person. Life does not belong to only one person. And thought does not belong to one person. Life, freedom and thought are the property of all people, of all living beings. "


"The spirit in man is the helm of his machine. Once you have stepped into this machine, you will hold the handlebars and keep your balance firmly in order to get the job started. Man's ability to keep the rudder in balance depends on the control of his machine and the correct solution of the tasks. What happens to you if the driver starts to rotate to different sides, looking all the way to the ground? He deviates from the main goal and his task remains unsolved. "

  1. Lucia Giovanni - Free Your Life

The title of the book reveals its theme - it is for all who feel trapped in their own thoughts, anxieties and doubts about life and the future. According to the author, there are 15 types of pitfalls of our own psyche, in which we fall for one reason or another in our daily lives and are capable of destroying our entire lives. Each of us has fallen into at least one of them and may not have gotten out yet. The book confronts us with painfully familiar life situations, showing us the bad habits we have developed without realizing that they are ruining us. 


And one more thing, the author provides techniques for coping with the situation, changing the current situation and making the change possible. Free Your Life is a kind of guide on how to live free of ourselves and create your life in the best way.

"One of those pitfalls is comparison. I had a tendency to constantly compare myself with others: with colleagues, with my brother, even with my father's memory and his success in his work. It was a continuous race. A very difficult way to live. Now even my thoughts of going in this direction - and most of all in my workplace is quite easy - I immediately feel and tell myself that the only real race is with myself to feel better and to give the most the best of yourself. Whatever happens, I can only win that race. It removes stress and helps me maintain a more reasonable and honest relationship with others. "

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