"He's awake, it's 2 o'clock, in the morning in Germany I'm thinking about this amazing trip I'm on! I never thought, 14 years ago, that these legs would take me to so many amazing places! What made me disabled actually made me who I am. Not that it was easy, this time is long and full of many challenges, but I am here, We are here! Life is good! Amy Purdue

Meet Amy, a professional actress, dancer, snowboarder and activist for the integration of people with physical disabilities. A story about holding on to the brink of death and reviving the human spirit.

It is not until 19 that Amy falls victim to the insidious bacterial meningitis, which turns her life in one afternoon. weeks. The odds of surviving are negligible 2%.

Amy spends nearly two weeks in a coma that she only remembers feeling like she was upright on the edge of a high rock, rocking between life and death. When she finally opens her eyes, the young girl is very upset with her condition. As a result of the septic shock caused by the disease, both the kidneys and the kidneys are completely damaged and the spleen completely removed as well as both the feet and under the knee. The first question she asks herself at the hospital is, "Will I ever be able to snowboard again?" Amy has been playing sports since the age of 15, and it is her passion, the thing that gives her freedom of mind.

Amy spends a long time in deep depression after the incident; buried between his pillows in bed, his wooden prostheses propped against him. One day, she decides that life can't go on and that something needs to change - she needs to learn to accept and like the new Amy, instead of feeling confined and deadlocked. This simple insight motivates her enough to get back on her feet and start life again.

Amy Purdy

"I began to find the nice and fun sides of my situation. For example - I can be as tall as I want, "Amy jokes. "Depending on the person I am seeing, I can adjust my height so that I am neither too tall nor too low for him!"

Amy dedicates the next part of her life to finding the perfect dentures that will get her back on track. When she could not find any, she set about making a design and making her own with the materials at hand, which, however, were flexible and comfortable enough to be able to bend her knees - a mandatory requirement for snowboarding. Seven months after the amputation, Amy is back on track. In the beginning it is very difficult of course and often confusing situations occur, such as when falling, snowboarding and continuing to go down with his feet and in front of the astonished eyes of other people on the track. Despite the difficulties, Amy managed to overcome pain, prostheses and gravity and even managed to win a bronze medal at the Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi. 

Good luck and don't stop there, Amy participated in this year's edition of Dancing with the Stars (USA) and won second place with her partner Derek Huff. The jury, as well as the audience, were very impressed by Amy's statement, which moves so gently and with such ease that no one would suspect that she was actually wearing dentures.

In addition to dancing and snowboarding, Amy has starred in several films as well as a Madonna clip, a designer of clothing and working as a professional motivator, giving lectures in various parts of the world. The new and greatest passion, however, has to do with the work of the non-governmental organization that she and her half-partner, Daniel Gayle, create. Their goal is to help other people in her condition find the strength to live a fulfilling life.

"If I could put the time back, I wouldn't change a second! The leg amputation gave me so much more than it took me! I was in a position that forced me to use my imagination, expand my worldview, and grow beyond limitations! "

"Being disabled is your own choice - there are so many people who have legs and actually spend their lives as disabled!"

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